The Freezie Wrap® Cold Compression Wrap -
Simply No Better Wrap Available Anywhere!

ColdCure Technology® is the Solution for Everyone with an
Acute Injury & Chronic Over Use Condition

With a Freezie Wrap® You Can Heal Conservatively, Prevent Re-Injury & Recover from Sugery - it's even used Consistently by Pro Athletes!

If you are an injured professional athlete, have visited your general practitioner for a soft tissue injury, or are recovering from surgery what does your doctor prescribe? Regular use of a cooling therapy to control pain, swelling and inflammation. Cold with compression is a cure all for pain and swelling when it comes to every soft tissue, tendon, muscle, joint, bursa or fascia injury. A gentle cooling compression wrap (like the Freezie Wrap®) applied to your injured tissue will provide ColdCure Technology® Technology that works with your bodyís natural healing process. For most doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists and medical professionals it's an obvious choice. It's simply the fastest way to heal.

The Freezie Wrap® will:

  • Help Reduce Pain and Swelling Fast.
  • Hold the Cold Longer.
  • Help Provide Compression to Control Swelling.
  • is Specifically Designed to Provide a Perfect Fit for all Body Types.
Cold Compression Freezie Wrap for Pain Relief

Even if you aren't a professional athlete, havenít had a chance to see your doctor or surgery is not an option but you have a soft tissue injury, shouldn't you be getting the best treatment too? Of course you should - and you can.

When you consider buying a cooling wrap itís important to look at the quality of what youíre getting. Most ice wraps donít come with enough gel to provide you with the treatment you need. And not enough gel means little to no relief of pain and swelling. Our Freezie Wraps® come with 3 very large gel packs (specifically designed to cover the area you intend to treat). We carry tailored wraps for your foot, ankle, achilles tendon, leg, knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist. You can have one gel pack inside the wrap while the other two are in the freezer ready for use at any time. And more cold treatment means more relief of pain and swelling.

Here's how it works. The Freezie Wrap® will prevent the inflammation from returning and provide you with joint support Ė reducing pain and swelling in just minutes! It's designed to draw the pain and inflammation out of your injury. The compression wrap prevents further swelling and stabilizes the joint, and our non-migrating RigiGel® works incredibly well at relieving the pain with its frosty temperature. After treating yourself with the Freezie Wrap® you won't believe how much better you feel. The result is truly amazing.

We have been supplying medical grade, pain therapy products now for over 6 years, to tens of thousands of customers who are health care providers, professional athletes, and people just like you. Their search for pain relief and healing led them here, to us, and that's where it ended.

For more information on Freezie Wraps®, RigiGel® or general inquiries, call our Customer Service Team. Our customer service agents are highly trained individuals who will help to find the treatment that's right for YOU. Why wait? Call today and get on the road to recovery faster than ever before!

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Freezie + Inferno Wrap® = The Best Temperature Therapy for a Full Recovery!

When treating our injuries with hot and cold treatments itís important to get the temperature correct. Some gels can freeze and cause ice burn if left on the skin for too long. Other gels simply donít give you the cold temperature you need to help with pain and swelling. As for heat, the energy is immediately absorbed by the top-most layers of your skin providing little to no effect to healing on a deep tissue, joint or muscular level.

To heal fast we need the right temperature at the right time. Combined Therapy with both the Freezie Wrap® and Inferno Wrap® will give you the greatest chance for a full, complete recovery.

When using an ice wrap itís important to have the frosty cooling sensation for the duration of your treatment. And with the unique formula of our RigiGel® cold packs, itís guaranteed to remain the correct temperature for the whole treatment period. Most gels start off cold but warm up after a couple minutes contact on our skin. Freezie Wrap® gel is designed not just to stay in place, but also for a maximum cooling sensation that lasts longer as well. Thereís no better way to quickly reduce swelling and numb the pain! And if itís cold youíre looking for, then the Freezie Wrap® will give you just that Ė Ice cold, compression treatment.

Best temperature to heal fast

Maximize Your Cold Compression Anytime, Anywhere with the Freezie Wrap®

Use your Freezie Wrap® anytime to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in your tendon, muscle, soft tissue or joint injury. Enhance your bodyís natural healing process by stopping inflammation in itsí tracks, numbing your pain with a soothing cold sensation and encouraging your body to heal completely. Incorporate your Freezie Wrap® treatments easily into your everyday life at these major milestones:

  • 24 to 72 hours after injury to stop cellular damage, relieve pain and decrease swelling
  • After exercise, workouts or activity to prevent re-injury of your delicate tissue
  • After surgery during rehabilitation to control post-surgery pain and swelling
  • Anytime you feel your tendons, muscles, joints or deep tissue have been over-extended, strained, stretched or forced beyond their limit
  • Anytime you have swelling, sharp throbbing pain or inflammation
Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy BFST Inferno Wrap for Pain Relief

And any other situation where you need to draw the pain and inflammation out of your injury!

Speak to your doctor, surgeon or physical therapist about incorporating the Freezie Wrap® into your injury prevention, conservative treatment or post-operative rehabilitation program to optimize your healing and decrease your recovery time.

And Once the Pain and Swelling have gone down...

Itís time for the Inferno Wrap®. It is designed to stimulate your blood flow, giving you an internal warmth rather than external heat to the skin. This is much better for the healing process as well. Heating wraps provide external heat and almost all of this heat is absorbed by the skin, leaving no heat effect in the deeper layers of your tendon, muscle or joint - below the skin level. With the Inferno Wrap®, you get the internal warmth and healing power for a more effective treatment. You simply canít compare the Inferno Wrap® to any other heating solution out there! Itís in a league of its own - stimulating blood flow, helping you heal and giving you that internal warmth that feels oh so good.

Unique Design Makes Our Freezie Wraps® the Best Cold Compression Wrap in the World

Our Freezie Wraps® are made of the highest quality materials available. They fit perfectly, they stay in place, they're extremely durable, and they contain unique non-migrating gel that stays in place even when pressure is applied. Freezie Wrap® gels do not separate. They are designed with having one thing in mind, to apply compression without sacrificing the gel migrating to another area. Itís very durable, you can stand on it and it wonít even move out of place. This is an important factor when you're talking about compression wraps. To receive the best treatment possible you want to apply ice without sacrificing compression to your injured tissue, and that's exactly what the Freezie Wrap® will do.

Freezie Wrap and Inflammation

Freezie Wrap® Gel Packs are guaranteed not to freeze solid - they stay in their soft, non-migrating form to provide a perfect fit every time. Even when they go through a frozen phase they still bend to mold perfectly around your body. When pressure forces the gel away from the injured area (something you see with most ice wraps) you don't get the necessary treatment and cooling you require to eliminate swelling. The Freezie Wrap® stays in place no matter what amount of pressure you apply for compression!

Many wrap designers have tried numerous times to prevent the pooling effect. The pooling effect is when the gel recedes from the injured area and collects at the bottom corner of the gel pack, no longer providing effective treatment. This is why we designed the Freezie Wrap®, because compared to traditional wrap designs our gel holds its form and stays in place where you need it. Traditional wraps lack high level of cooling units that therapeutic professionals recommend for effective treatment. Only the Freezie Wraps® have the highest level of cooling units and a non-separating gel formula to give you the effective treatment you need. There simply is nothing else like it.

The neoprene bands of our Freezie Wraps® are soft, wide and padded. This means you get a very comfortable fit. The edges are heavily sewn with soft yet strong threads which give our wraps incredible strength without abrasive edges. The nylon material allows your skin to breathe and lets the sweat to escape. The wrap can be washed by hand or put in the wash, which is important if you use it after workouts or for extended periods of time.

On Top of That - The Freezie Wrap® Offers
4 Exclusive ColdCure Technology® Advantages...

ColdCure® Technology Advantage #1:
Non-Migrating Gel

Our Freezie Wraps® use a special non-migrating gel that is soft to the touch but doesn't flow under pressure. It's not a solid and it's not a liquid either. It's something in between. This means that the gel stays in place over the area you are treating when pressure is applied and does not flow away to other parts of the wrap. This is very important. You want the pressure on the affected area. You also want the cold there too. And, you want it to be soft and comfortable because that area is hurt! With our specially formulated non-migrating soft gel, you get it all. In fact, our non-migrating gel works so well that we trademarked the term "RigiGel®" to describe it! This gel stays soft even out of the freezer, yet it does not squish away. Try it for yourself - you can even stand on it and see that it does not squish away.

ColdCure® Technology Advantage #2:
Massive Amounts of Non-Migrating Gel

If we were going to sell a proper cold compression wrap, we wanted to make sure we had enough gel in the wrap to do the job properly. This is a big problem! Nearly all cold wraps you will find on the market fall short in this area... and there are a LOT of poor cold wraps out there! Gel is heavy and a lot of gel is MUCH more expensive to make - and it is not cheap to ship either. This is why everyone makes pretty wraps with just a little bit of gel, and you know by now that's not good.

ColdCure® Technology Advantage #3:
Two Spare Gel Packs With Each Knee Freezie Wrap®

And yes... each spare pack has the same Massive Amount of Non-Migrating Gel

Our Freezie Wraps® come with 3 very large packs of gel. There is one very large gel pack already in the wrap and two more that you can swap in and out quickly to keep your therapy going. This exclusive wrap comes with 3 gel packs that weigh about 1.5 lbs each. Compare that to most other wraps on the market that weigh about 1lb or less including the wrap. In many cases we offer up to 10 times the amount of gel compared to competitive wraps for the same body part. That adds up to a massive advantage in the treatment that you receive.

ColdCure® Technology Advantage #4:
Fridge OR Freezer!
Cold Compression Freezie Wrap Pain Relief

Our Freezie Wraps® are designed for fridge use or freezer use and that should be as important to you as it is to us! As we have mentioned already, using ice (or wraps that charge up in the freezer) for people suffering from poor circulation can be too cold for your skin and too cold for your body to be optimally effective.

The difference between putting a regular ice pack on your injury versus a Freezie Wrap® pack is stunning! You get incredible cooling power for a long period of time that is not damaging and not painful on your skin. If you still want to charge the Freezie Wrap® in the freezer, know that the gel packs still remain flexible. Even if you charge them in the feezer, they definitely outperform everything else on the market, but we still recommend you start by using them at refrigerator temperatures. It really is the best choice for your health.

The results speak for themselves; you get better pain relief and better control of inflammation that adds up to you getting better... faster. Once you put our Freezie Wrap® on, you won't want to take it off - and you don't have to. That's the advantage of our ColdCure Technology®.

Easy to Use and Guaranteed to Be The Best

To use the Freezie Wrap® you simply pop the gel in the freezer for at least an hour. You can leave it there when you're not using it. When you're ready to use your wrap, remove the gel from the freezer and put it in the wrap. Wide, strong Velcro® straps make it easy to put on and tighten to a snug fit.

Cold Compression Freezie Wrap for Pain Relief

We are committed to bringing you the absolute best quality products for helping you relieve your pain and heal your injury as quickly as possible. We are selling only one type of ice compression wrap because we know it is the best one. But you don't have to believe us. Our compression wraps are quickly revolutionizing the therapeutic industry and come highly recommended by those who know what they are talking about. That's why we sell them, because they're the best.

We are finding our customers are so fond of our cold wraps they often come back and order a second unit to always have a cold one on hand. If you have a chronic or severe tissue injury you may wish to buy a pair of wraps from the outset. If you find you are not using the second one you can always return it for a refund. From what our customers tell us though, you'll wish you had a freezer full!

I Use the Freezie Wrap As Soon As I Get Home

Over the past eight months I have been suffering from shoulder and arm pain. I just kept thinking that the pain would go away on its own. When I reached the point where I was unable to raise my arm over my head without assistance and forget about putting my arm behind my back. I decided that a trip to the doctor was due. She determined that I had a soft tissue injury due to repetitive movement and heavy lifting.

She suggested that I try physical therapy. With my work schedule and family obligations I knew that was going to be very difficult and I wanted something that I could fit into my schedule. So I began doing research on the internet for alternative treatments and exercises.

That's when I found your product on the internet. I was somewhat skeptical as to rather it would perform as stated, but decided to give it a try. It was stated that it could take up to three weeks to feel results.

BUT I am here to say that for myself it has done better. I have been using the "Freezie Wrap" for a week and have already felt some improvement. I can now raise my arm to just about shoulder height unassisted, and can now almost get my finger tips back behind my back.

... I make a point of using "Freezie Wrap" as soon as I get home from work to relieve the stress to my muscles from work and to keep the inflammation down. Now that I have gotten some of the inflammation gone I intend to incorporate the "Inferno Wrap" treatment to my regiment to just before going bed to aid the healing process and aid in a better night's sleep.

N. Jensen, Washington

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]

Results may vary. Always seek the advice of your physician
in choosing the best treatment option for you.


And the Freezie Wrap® Advantages Just Keep Coming...

The gel pack inside every Freezie Wrap®:

  • Is thick and chock-full of gel that does not squish away from where you need it, even under pressure.
  • Is cooled in the fridge to a 'body-friendly' temperature.
  • Stays soft, even when cold, for a moldable and comfortable fit.
  • Stays cool longer so you get a complete treatment and lasting pain relief.
  • .. and there's 2 extra gel packs to keep in the freezer!

...because when your body hurts,
you just don't want to take the cold off!


The premium compression wrap:

Our Freezie Kits
  • Has adjustable straps for a fit that you control to your personal level of comfort and compression.
  • Fits conveniently over or under clothes so you can wear it and carry on with your day - try doing this with a towel full of ice tied to your knee.
  • Is breathable enough for you to wear all day Ė with or without the gel pack.
  • Is made of premium, medical grade neoprene that won't stretch out of shape over time.
  • Is made of strong yet slim material so it can fit beneath your clothes in most cases (if you are wearing body hugging pants or jeans... well, we can't work miracles!).
  • Acts as an insulator to help maintain the cooling power even longer.

ColdCure® Technology Reduces Tissue Damage
= Faster Healing


Not only is ColdCure Technology® the best way to treat pain, swelling and inflammation. ColdCure Technology® also reduces tissue damage when used immediately following a tendon, muscle, joint or soft tissue injury, re-injury, post-operative swelling treatment, or after irritation from overuse.

How a Freezie Wrap works

When your body is injured it becomes swollen and painful which means tissue has been damaged and fluid is leaking within your tendon, muscle or joint. The swelling and inflammation starts to block blood vessels, eventually cutting off the oxygen supply to your cells. Once this happens, tissue cells begin to die because oxygen is needed for your tissue to remain healthy.

When you put the Freezie Wrap® compression wrap around your injury, you reduce swelling and slow the cells biological need for more oxygen. You stop tissue damage in its tracks! And less damage means less pain and less healing required.

The Freezie Wrap® is everything you need to relieve the pain and swelling in your injury - it is very popular for use following exercise, workouts, physical therapy and even surgery!

Whether you have suffered tendon, bursa, muscle, joint or fascia damage, you need a Freezie Wrap® and other premium products from us. Here's how it works. When your injury first occurs and your body is swollen and painful, using a cold compression Freezie Wrap® will first calm the area. Then you can begin Inferno Wrap® treatments to promote the blood flow necessary for your injured tendons, bursa or other soft tissue to heal. You can continue to use the Freezie Wrap® to prevent the inflammation from returning, or control pain if you re-injure your soft tissue, and provide light compression and support for the joint.

But donít just take our word for it... Speak to your doctor, general practitioner, physical therapist, surgeon or orthopaedic specialist about the benefits of cold compression therapy. Under their guidance you can easily integrate the Freezie Wrap® into your conservative therapy, injury prevention or post-operation rehabilitation program to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and encourage optimal healing.

Order Now to start your 60 Day Trial

Like all of our products, Freezie Wraps® are the best quality products you will find anywhere. We vouch for our wraps with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back for a full refund.

So, if you're really looking for the best therapy to treat your acute or chronic injury - to avoid surgery, after surgery or to prevent re-injury; if you're looking to heal as fast as you possibly can; a cold compression Freezie Wrap® with ColdCure Technology® is what you need.

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